Introducing Our Patented Velcro Grip Picnic System!

It’s the coolest, greenest, wind and kid proof  picnic system available.  Click on the short video to see what the  Food’s-ON™ picnic system is all about.

Want A Hassle Free Picnic?

Life is complicated – so why should picnics, barbeques, tailgates, birthday parties and any other fun event you can think of be complicated.  Food’s-On™ Velcro Grip Picnic System  is probably the most convenient way to buy and use picnic supplies. We include everything you need tablecloth and clamps, wind and kid proof plate and cup holders, eco-friendly plates, cups, utensils and trash bag and a custom backpack with hot or cool storage to keep everything organized.

Want To Be Good To The Environment?

Using Food’s-ON™ Velcro Grip Picnic System means you are making a difference to the environment.  The tablecloth is made from recycled water bottles and is machine washable.  The wind and kid proof plate and cup holders are made from recycled plastic and are dishwasher safe. Our utensils are made from corn, our plates are made from bags and our cups are made from PLA.  Even the trash bag is degradable. Meaning you can use the system over and over and all the disposable items are landfill safe.

Tired Of Picnic Table Mess?

As much as we all love to gather with family and friends we can be frustrated with paper plates and cups blowing away or a favorite beverage spilling with just the slightest of breezes or just an innocent accident.  We feel your pain which is why we invented Food’s-On™ Velcro Grip Picnic System. Here’s how simple it is to use, just clamp the tablecloth to your table and place the plate and cup holders on the tablecloth. The patented Velcro Grip System keeps everything in place until you move them…guaranteed!


The Food’s-On™ Wind and Kid Proof Velcro Grip Picnic System! Seems simple but it took us a lot of time to find the right eco-friendly materials and a lot of trial and error to get the velcro grip system system to work perfectly. Give our patented picnic system a try and we’re pretty sure you’ll have the best experience ever.  If not try it again but with some different friends.