look at what they are saying!

Here’s a few of the great responses we’ve gotten from people who’ve tried our patented eco-friendly, wind resistant picnic systems. After you have fun with our picnic gear, send us your comments and and we’ll put them right here!

“We really enjoyed Foods-ON for all our family outings and simple walks to the park.”  Check out the entire review on Melanie”s blog:

… <b>Melanie</b> – Santa Rosa, CA

“This is super cool”. ..Stacey

Watch the video to see the whole Eco Wise segment on eco friendly picinics.

… <b>Stacey</b> – Eco Wise, wfmj news, Youngstown, OH

Here”s what Serendipity Mommy has to say about our wind resistant picnic gear and eco friendly supplies:

…<b>Candace</b> – Vermontville, MI

Here”s our trade show display. We have a lot of fun with this and so do our visitors.

… <strong>Food's-ON</strong> – Reno, NV

This is perfect timing! I am taking my kids and my niece and nephew to the park today and we are going to bring lunch and use the kit! The kids are going to LOVE this!!

… <b>Bobbie</b> – Green Bay, WI

I saw your picnic kit on line and thought it would be the perfect gift for my mom since she always camps on Mother”s Day weekend. It worked perfectly and she loved it!

… <b>Noelle</b> – Carlsbad State Beach, CA

Here is how effective the Foods On Picnic set is. We wanted to test it out, so we took the leaf blower and tried to blow stuff off the table while our friend was eating. Nothing budged. Awesome.

…<strong>The Ortega Family &amp; Jason</strong> – Chandler, AZ

We tested out the Foods On Picnic set and we were so impressed! We wanted to see if it would hold up on a windy day, so we got out our leaf blower. This set is awesome!

The Ortega Family – Queens Creek, AZ

We saw Sarai’s tailgate kit at the last game and just had to get one for ourselves.

Charger Tailgaters – Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego

Just a quick note to say thanks for making my tailgates a lot easier. I was able to set up our tailgate before we went to visit other tailgates. When we came back everything was on the table just as I left them.

Saraí – Carlsbad, CA


We wanted to share some photos of our FSU vs USF tailgate with the Food”s-ON six pack. Thanks so much for a new and fun way to tailgate.  That’s Alec Wood and Andy Rodgers in the photo on the right.

Lynn and Larry Evans – Florida

“You truly have a unique product. We received our Foods-On … and absolutely love it. As claimed, everything stayed on the table and didn’t blow away … it is VERY cool!”

Doug – Vista, California

“Finally, someone is thinking of ways to make life a bit The Canadian pop singer one time music video decided to divert attention from their recent scandals release of the new video. more enjoyable. Living by the beach, this product works great for those days when we have a meal on our patio.”

… &lt;b&gt;Steve&lt;/b&gt; – San Clemente, California